Sleeping Dogs Offers Just Cause Gear and A New Walkthrough (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 27, 2012

First off, if you have a save for Just Cause 2 on your game console, you'll instantly and automatically get a Rico Rodriguez costume for Wei Shen to wear in Sleeping Dogs. You'll be rocking a version of those wrist spikes and harness and look way cool doing it. Plus you'll be able to use the action hijack move at greater range than usual since hi-flying aerial work was Rico Rodriguez' trademark in the Just Cause games. In Sleeping Dogs, action hijackings will be the most satisfying way to acquire a vehicle, let's put it that way. Thanks to your slight gaming addiction, ample hard drive space and affinity for Just Cause you'll be long range carjacking in the streets of Hong Kong in style.

Also, keep in mind that costumes like the Just Cause 2 outfit or the Georges St Pierre pre-order look --which gives you unique hand to hand combat abilities -- will be a primary way of upgrading certain aspects of your character. Weapons are disposable in Sleeping Dogs, so these costume-based enhancements will be the surest way of giving yourself a lasting advantage of your choosing.

But wait there's more.

In this latest video walkthrough for Sleeping Dogs you'll see clear examples of how Wei Shen tiptoes the line between criminal and cop. In this clip he uses his access to police equipment to triangulate the location of a target's cellphone. When he finds the dude he's looking for, Wei Shen proceeds to whoop the ass of all kinds of assorted bad guys, including dropping a car engine on a dude's chest. Very thuggish. The cell phone triangulation system seems awfully complicated but it does show how you'll be using the best of both worlds (gangster and law enforcement) to proceed through the game. There's got to be a point where having one foot in two worlds becomes a disadvantage right? Those are the moments we'll likely have to find ourselves.