Sixteen New Badass Posters for ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’

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bill-swift - October 11, 2012

We all know The Man with the Iron Fists is going to be one badass movie. If the stellar cast comprised of RZARussell Crowe, and Lucy Liu doesn't get you excited, then maybe seeing this trailer with some awesome action sequences (and a whole lot of blood splattering) will.

The movie is set in feudal China and follows the story of a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village. As fate would have it, he's forced into the position of having to defend himself and his fellow villagers from the threats at bay. And that's when the action begins.

Universal recently released sixteen new posters for the movie which are artsy, oriental-themed, and badass in more ways than one. Check the gallery out to see the entire set.

The Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters on November 2nd.