Simone Holtznagel The New Face, Err, Body of Guess

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bill-swift - October 10, 2014

I guess somebody somewhere had the audacity to question Australian beauty Simone Holtznagel as to what she did to deserve the title of the new face (and body most obviously) of the Guess brand in the U.S. So, she showed them all on Instagram with a series of super hot picks of her own sextastic self. I consider the question fully answered to my satisfaction. Or soon to be satisfaction.

The title of Guess girl has been one of great import over the past many decades. I do believe rather noteworthy ladies such as Kate Upton have previously held this title. I'm not saying Simone is now destined to become a world famous boobtastic blonde runway model, but I am saying she's officially on my Christmas card list. So, Simone, in addition to your sweet Guess contract, you now have a picture of me in a sweater next to the fireplace with my four spaniels to look forward to come December. Huzzah. Enjoy.