Simone Farrow Is A Meth-Dealing Model on the Run

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bill-swift - March 21, 2012

Models and drugs, not really a new story. You could get high for a week just accidentally rubbing up against Kate Moss' purse.

But former Penthouse Pet and FHM sexiest-list nominee Simone Farrow wasn't just a recreational user, she was a big time drug kingpin, at least according to all the people who do arrest and prosecute you for such things. Apparently, Simone was breaking bad from her digs along the Sunset Strip for several years, funneling a boatload of meth to Australia in cute little body perfume and soap packages. And to Australia she fled a couple months ago, ditching her mega-bail, only to be caught this week by some dude kind of like Dog the Bounty Hunter, only less fat. 

The entire story would be far less interesting were not Simone Farrow a pretty darn hot model and a meth dealer with all her own teeth. Check her out in her Ed Hardy modeling campaign and also some hot shots from her Facebook and Twitter feeds. Enjoy.