Sienna Miller Moves Out

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bill-swift - February 14, 2006

Contact Music reports that the end is finally the end for Sienna Miller and Jude Law (for now, anyway). Last week, Miller was seen moving her belongings out of Law's London home.

A pal of the couple says, "She begged Jude to give it one more try, but he has moved on and he thinks it's time that she does too.

"She eventually got the message and packed up all her stuff.

An onlooker adds, "A white van arrived outside Jude's house at 1pm and two removal men spent about four hours packing up her gear - including a guitar, a white laundry basket, a patterned wooden cabinet and a large fan."

So I guess Sienna Miller's looking for a place to stay now. Well, there's not much room in my one room apartment, but the bed is big and I've got a High-Definition TV, so I think she'd like it. The only question is whether there's room enough for her ego.

Below are pictures of Sienna from the UK premiere of her film Casanova, which will hopefully enjoy more success in Britain than it did in America. Opening on Valentine's day weekend should give it a boost, but the film has only grossed $13.5 million after 2 months in theatres, so it probably won't be much help.

Also, the black stockings and boots don't exactly go with the white dress. She won't be allowed to wear that outfit at my place. More pictures after the jump.