Shy’m Flash-ion Sense Wows at NRJ Music Awards (That’s French!)

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bill-swift - January 31, 2012

Not sure if you've ever heard of French pop music star, Shy'm, but you're sure about to remember her sense of fashion. The sextastic young Gallic be-bopper wore some type of molded warrior clear plastic see-through dress to the big NRJ music awards in Cannes over the weekend, grabbing the attention of every man within ogling distance and planting a big fat smile on their face, save of course for Justin Bieber who was in attendance and merely began to cry at the site of the female form (just keeping it real and street y'all).

Here's to hoping Shy'm's fashion sense carries forward to the Grammy's and the Oscars and we get to see more than just some haute couture on the red carpets this year. Enjoy.