Shoving Matches Aren’t What They Used to Be (VIDEO)

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Lex Jurgen - March 29, 2017

You could spend your entire day pointing out how big media journalists taint their headlines and stories with politically correct markups. But that's real work and would only earn you twenty new friends who mock your micro-brews.

Yahoo's front page promoted the hell out of their own Big League Stew story, "Florida softball coach has postgame shoving match with Auburn player". We all know LeBron James and Draymond Green in shoving match means LeBron shoved Draymond, Draymond kicked LeBron in the nuts, LeBron cried and an emergency edict came down from the NBA protecting LeBron's nuts. That's a shoving match.

In this case, Florida Gators women's softball coach Tim Walton high-fives Auburn Tigers players in the post game bullshit good sportsmanship line. Haley Fagan of the Tigers lowers her hand as the Florida coach passes causing his hand to make light contact with her shoulder. Fagan gives Coach Walton a little push in the back and a couple presumably unfriendly words. At no time does Walton shove the softball player. Watch it over and over again.

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Chris Cwik and the beta male beards at Big League Stew see it otherwise:

Walton makes contact with Fagan’s right shoulder, lightly shoving her. Fagan then shoves Walton in the back, and the two exchange words.

Why are you suggesting that a grown man and opposing coach even lightly shoved a college girls softball player? It's not a nothing accusation. It's the kind of thing that gets you labeled as violent toward women and unable to find work, dipshit.

Coach Walton once suspended Fagan's two sisters from the Florida softball team following a team altercation. He's obviously in the Fagan family sights. Dad Fagan is Kevin Fagan, University of Miami football star and former 49er's defensive lineman. The kids have attitude and like to mix it up. That's fine. Provided gender whitewashing is not applied to cover. 

Coach Tim Walton was compelled to write a stupid apology to Fagan even though she was clearly the aggressor and he clearly did nothing wrong. He may have been thinking all sorts of bad things about them Fagan girls, but he did nothing in this instance. Big League Stew and Yahoo! don't look any stupider than before. An occasional reminder about being blatant liars never hurts.