I Should’ve Guessed Gal Gadot Looks Ridiculously Hot In Workout Clothes

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aldo-vallon - March 19, 2018

Maybe mandatory military service is not the worst thing that can happen to a society if it means that Gal Gadot is the type of woman that it produces. There is probably a lot more that goes into it than simply making her learn to fire a rifle, but I think it plays a part. For example, putting a woman into a uniform may increase her fitness, but it is unlikely to give her the bone structure that Gal has.

Her cheekbones are so strong that a blacksmith could use them as an anvil and he would not know the difference. Her face probably would not be any worse for wear either. She probably took a right cross to the face during her time in the Israel Defense Force and it does not look like it left a lasting impression.

The last time I took a blow to the face I ended up with two black eyes and a permanent fear of pickle jars. Despite my searching in the yellow pages, it does not look like there is a psychoanalyst who specializes in this type of phobia. That surprises me because it seems like there would be a pickle jar in every house in the country, and that should drastically increase the chances of foul incidences occurring.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram