Sheer Stupidity: The Fire in Texas that Was Caused By a Snake

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bill-swift - March 30, 2013

Everyone appreciates fire in the bedroom, but not fire on their house. Apparently, with the recent happenings in Texas, you can now make both happen with a snake.

One is a part of male anatomy (you only know too well which part), while the other is an actual snake, as in the reptile.

A woman from Bowie County in Texas spotted a snake in her backyard. So instead of trying to get rid of it like a sane person would, she doused it in gasoline and set the snake on fire. Instead of burning away in a heap like she expected, the snake shot around her yard and set fire to her bush. The plants, not know.

The fire spread throughout her yard and eventually to her house. Aside from the woman's house being completely destroyed, a neighbor's home was also damaged.

All I can say is, poor snake.

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