Shay Mitchell White Bra Top With Leather Pants In NYC

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

Shay Mitchell remains one of those Hollywood thespianics who is highly underrated in her hotness, perhaps because she's not quite as obviously asking for attention as many of our exhibitionist sextastic celebrity friends, and limits her appearances and occasionally skin in public. But when Shay gets down to the business of wanting a few eyeballs, she has zero problem opening up her top and slapping on some leather pants to make sure all catcalls from the NYC construction workers are coming in her direction.

You don't see a ton of raven haired beauties in unbuttoned shirts promenading down the streets of Manhattan. That's very much more so Los Angeles. So Shay caused many a neck to crank in her sunglasses, parading onto various entertainment business calls and hanging out with her basketball playing boyfriend. Today was about Shay. Demanding to know why her name isn't on the top hotties lists. I have no answer for you, Shay. Maybe a couple more buttons down we can figure this all out. Enjoy

Photo Credit: Splash