Sharna Burgess Stuns In A Little Dance Bralet and Tights

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aldo-vallon - October 9, 2018

Golly gee whiz, does this woman wear anything that is not a bralet? I guess given her profession, this is kind of par for the course. It is a perk of her success that she even gets to wear any clothes at all. There are a great number of dancers who have to take off even their bralets if they want any hope of making a buck.

Do not feel too bad for those dancers, they are making bank. A small number you might even call doctor one day, or have them represent you during your inevitable DUI case. In any event, it is admirable work and necessary for a functioning society, so I applaud their perseverance.

Sharna no longer has to worry about skin dancing being her fate. Due to her success on dancing with the stars I think it would take a massive heroin addiction in order for her to wind up on the pole. If she involved any uppers into her routine they could only improve her score, right? I’m no expert in dancing, but it makes sense. I do not see a downer helping her hip hop routine any.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA