Sharknado. Sharknado. Sharknado.

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bill-swift - July 13, 2013

Anyone out there talking about anything that happened on TV last night? Was there a TV movie of some kind about a storm of some kind populated by an ocean predator of some kind?

So, the internet shat itself last night over news of the television train wreck wrapped in a hurricane, wrapped in a bucketful of little tusnamis called Sharknado. With all that buzz, more people watched SyFy last night than the entire daytime population of Uruguay. That's a fact. They tuned in to watch flash-in-the-pan 90210 master thespian Ian Ziering unironically play the most unintentionally ironic role of his life opposite the dad from Home Alone and fembot Tara Reid. What is the world of television coming to?

It's coming to this: those of us that tuned in last night got to re-experience Team USA beating the Soviets in the 1980 Olympics, but with the magic of social media. We watched Neil walk on the moon again. We shared the majesty of a universal shared experience. We watched a character named 'Fin' cut in half an attacking shark with one swipe of a chainsaw.

It was profoundly and thoroughly mystical. Did you feel it, too?