‘Sharknado’: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel With Sharp Shark-like Teeth (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 4, 2013

'What happens when a super storm sucks sharks out of the ocean and hurls them around land?' 'Ask the brilliant minds over at SyFy. 'They all die? And the city has to clean up their lifeless out-of-water shark corpses?' says Egotastic. Nope. A tornado! Full of sharks! Tornad-shark. Sharknado.

It's Beverly Hill 90210 master thespian, Ian Ziering and literary luminary Tara Reid in a movie about a tornado of some kind that is full of sharks. Nuff said? No, actually, we're gonna need a little more than that, like, how the shit did this movie get made? No, you, like, don't get it, man. It's so bad it's good,' said every stoned trash lover. But when is bad, just actually bad? Probably right here.

The plot involves Ziering's character (named, no shit, 'Fin'), his ex-wife (ooh, rich plotting there, guys!), Cassie Scerbo as some chick named 'Nova', and some drunk dude who are all forced to deal with this big storm that is causing sharks to fly and swim around Los Angeles. Oh, the sharks are also hungry, apparently.

What's the up next? It's a tsunami. But it's full of bears! Bearnami! We can't wait.