Shannon Barker Turns Heads In Sexy Black Thong And Tiny Strapless Top

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aldo-vallon - May 20, 2018

There are few things I enjoy watching more than a woman in a tube top taking her chances in the ocean. I do not even get as much of a thrill from laying my whole pay check on the line for a sports bet as do during moments like this.

Just one rogue wave is all that is needed to take Shannon down and her top along with her. After that her top will be turned into a fanny pack, and I will feel alive once again. Obviously that did not happen in this instance, but they cannot all be winners. That would end up taking the thrill out of it. As they say, if you always caught a fish when you went fishing then it would be called catching.

If a television show ever comes back that is like The Man Show from twenty years ago they should have a segment where big breasted women in tube tops go down slip and slides while everybody makes bets over whether or not the top stays on. Actually, this sport is so good it might be able to air on late night ESPN.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA