Shanina Shaik Hottie In Bikinis

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bill-swift - April 14, 2016

Shanina Shaik may be one of the multitude of hotties to slightly disappoint us by hooking up with a DJ, a job that still eludes me by its very definition, but the Aussie ethnic mixed sextastic model certainly has the looks and fine female form in a bikini to make you forget all about the fact she could be anything but single and ready to be your girlfriend for the next few weeks. What we call in relationship lingo as, the best part.

Featured in a pimping gig for Next Swimwear, the brunette sweet bodied alluring Down Under wonder shows off her power to sell swimsuits while promoting fantasies for millions of men. She's like the girl next door if you happened to live next door to a passion inducing Arabic-Australian girl who liked to hang out in her bikini and come over and ask for sugar while you calmly passed out from a ten hour erection just beginning. Shanina, it's not your fault, it's the systems. In my day, DJ's got paid fifty bucks to work a bar mitzvah and never got the supermodels. I'm pretty sure that was when the world made sense. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Next Swimwear