Shakira More Than Sexy Enough For Jack

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bill-swift - October 6, 2010

I got a letter recently from the Council on Midget Affairs. They cautioned me to stop referring to the super sextastic gypsy, Shakira, as the world's hottest midget, because, Shakira is in fact, not a midget, just a very short person, and if I didn't comply, they'd bite my ankles until I bled blood.

Now, I'll be the first to admit cowardice in the face of a band of pissed-off Lilliputians, but, dammit... Shakira is the world's hottest midget! The truth can not be denied. Just look at these photos from Italy's Jack magazine (yes, it's called 'Jack', and, yes, I get the irony of checking out sexy Shakira in Jack magazine). This mini pop diva is all kinds of tiny person hot. Enjoy.

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