Shakira Drops Some Shorty Swank Switzerland Hotness

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bill-swift - January 12, 2012

As January rolls through, expect lots of balls, galas, award ceremonies, and an entire slew of events for which my powder blue tuxedo remains at the ever-ready, despite so many invitations being lost in the mail.

One such function being the FIFA Gala in Switzerland yesterday, a country whose chocolate I consume on a regular basis, and whose women melt in my mouth, or, that might be in reverse, but who had the foresight to invite super hottie midget Shakira to get all decked out and dolled up and looking all kinds of hot to get an award, or give an award, or just plain show off her amazing body.

From skimpy bikinis to low cut fancy dresses, we dig Shakira in a way that would most likely make the Colombian girl quite uncomfortable if she knew the details. Enjoy.

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