Shakira Bikini Pictures Put the MILFtastic Mini Hottie Into Wet and Clingy Perspective

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bill-swift - July 26, 2013

Consider my fears that Shakira may not recover from baby making duties put entirely to rest. Just six months after producing some future pop star, Shakira, the world's hottest midget, is back in a bikini and flashing a body well on the road to full recovery, including that epic booty of hers.

Caught candidly in a black bikini on the beach in Hawaii, the diminutive Colombian hottie was bouncing around the sandy shores much like she has in my own dreams of the past half-dozen years. Waka Waka drool drool. How badly do I want to love spank that little bottom of hers? All the pineapples in Hawaii couldn't begin to describe it. Enjoy.