Shailene Woodley Hotness Stands Out at Critics Choice Awards

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bill-swift - January 14, 2012

We're only like three to four award shows into the multi-dozen round of upcoming Hollywood-spanks-itself-in-the-mirror galas and I'm already kind of worn thin on seeing George Clooney in a tuxedo and even some of our favorite hotties in their ballroom gowns that cost more than my dog inherits should I come to an early demise. So, we'll try to keep it to just the major events or update you if some hottie hits us hard between the eyes, as was the case at the Critics Choice Awards last night in New York, where we just drooled all over our drool-covered selves when we placed our leering peeps on Shailene Woodley.

Up and coming thespianic Shailene Woodley has that unique combo of girl next door and girl next door that you'd donate your left nut just for the chance to spend five minutes watching her water her lawn in short shorts. She just makes you look and leer. We predict great things for Shailene in the very near future, both off the heat from her work in The Descendants, and just that other heat we felt when we saw her decked out last night at the award show. It's palpable. Enjoy.