Sexy Ashley Graham Diaper Hand Action For You Sick Fetish Freaks

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Sam Robeson - July 18, 2018



Plus-size model and all around feminist pioneer Ashley Graham can make anything look sexy - if you only believe what you read on Lenny Letters - so it makes sense that she's a sensual sensation while filling out a diaper in these beach candids snapped in Mykonos. Live, learn, and get Luvs handles. JK. I don't believe in body shaming anymore because this is 2018, and honestly, for real this time, we need to wake up and learn that everything is hot, even when it's disgusting. Last one to ejaculate to Ashley Graham is a h8er.

For this specific beach outing, Graham upped even her sexiest moments to date by reaching her hand into her diaper in an attempt to extricate it from her ass crack. In the documentation above of the blessed and very hot moment, it looks like her hand saw what was down there, had a panic attack, and then accidentally ran into the fabric instead of successfully escaping. The hand is now under suicide watch. Anyway, I knew that those of you who are woke would want to masturbate to this, so have at it.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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