Sextastic Model Milano Puts On A Smokeshow On The Beach To Pimp A Water Brand

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aldo-vallon - July 19, 2018

I do not have a PhD in marketing, I do not even know if that is a thing that exists, but what I do know is that if you want people to buy your water you would be better off not having sand anywhere near the frame.

No one likes sand, not even crabs. The only reason it exists is because the sea continues to wage a war against the land, and grains of sand are the corpses that have been left scattered along the battlefield. If the water near where I lived was not filthy enough to give me hepatitis, sand would still be enough of a reason to keep me away from the beach.

If I see a bottle of water being marketed on a beach I am going to assume that is where it is being bottled as well. What else am I supposed to think, that a beautiful woman was simply posing in provocative ways in order to sell merch? Isn’t that illegal, like false advertising? If I published ads of my name brand water staged in my bathroom buyers would be devastated to find out it’s not filled with my toilet water. I think that is legally the same situation here.


Photo Credit: MEGA