Sextastic Kaepernicking Photo Contest Finalists — VOTE NOW!

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bill-swift - January 29, 2013

Well, we were hoping to show you a whole bunch of finalists to vote on, but, it turns on, the eight year old kid who runs our tech backbone isn't quite the Doogie Howser he claims to be, so, our voting module can only contain a couple options. Hence, the team of art majors from various unaccredited institutions we like to call the Egotastic! semi-employed collective took a vote and whittled down our favorite photo entries to our Top Two.

(And, oh, yeah, thanks to all of you who entered!)

Time to vote on the winner. Between 'Faith and Friends' a collective entry that highlights the fact that the only thing hotter than a good looking chick in a sports uniform, is that same hot chick with her loofa bathing girl buddies dressed in the same gear, and 'Amy', a wicked blonde who would like everyone to know she put 49er decals on her bra, you know, just in case you men wouldn't be looking there. I don't envy you voters. But, you may choose only one.

Top vote getter by Thursday midnight wins the big prize.

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