Sextastic Elena Ora Lights Up The Wrangler Revival Party

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aldo-vallon - March 26, 2018

If you blur your eyes just right, like you are looking at one of those optical illusions, then you can see the face of Theodore Roosevelt atop a horse and leading the rest of the rough riders. At least that is the excuse that I told the old lady who was looking over my shoulder when she asked me why I was staring at this picture so intensely. (For future reference, that excuse does not work out so well. All it does is lead to a longer conversation about she cannot see it, and then she brings in three other people to confirm that it is not there. You’ are better off taking on the shame of one old woman than you are the shame of four.)

Even without the fake blonde hair Elena still has a striking resemblance to her sister. I am kind of surprised that she managed to find a job in Elena’s management staff when she could have easily just became a body double. Kudos to her, because the lifestyle has got to be one hundred times better. Probably better pay and as well as a decreased chance of death. I would consider that a success even if I was living in the shadow of my younger sibling.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA