SexCereal: Morning Grub for a Better Sex Life

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bill-swift - March 17, 2013

There's no need to pop those blue pills that Hugh Hefner loves so much--at least, not yet. Not before you've tried changing your diet and loading up on aphrodisiacs so you can power up your moves in the bedroom the all-natural way, that is. And if you're up to try out another kind of super food to up your sexual performance, then we recommend swapping our your frosted corn flakes with the ultimate power breakfast food: SexCereal.

We kid you not. This cereal actually exists, and if people who swear by it are to be believed, it's absolutely sex-tastic!

SexCereal is a gender-specific cereal that contains different cereal formulas that were mixed with the male or female libido specifically in mind. SexCereal for guys contains bee pollen, black sesame, wheat germ, camu camu, pumpkin seeds, and goji berry which will boost your testosterone levels. SexCereal for girls contain ginger, sunflower, almonds, flax seeds, and oat bran, which will work wonders for their hormonal balance (so that means no more mood swings, then?)

There's no guarantee it'll work, but it's worth a shot. And even if it'll just be in your head (nothing better than a placebo in the form of cereal, huh?), at least it will have done what it promised to.

Get It: $30

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