Serge Ibaka Dunks on Stackhouse, Ian Eagle Declares it a ‘Foreign Facial’

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michael-garcia - December 6, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder center Serge Ibaka crushed on Jerry Stackhouse of the Nets last night something pretty nasty. Ibaka's dunk was called a FOREIGN FACIAL! by an excited Ian Eagle, who was calling the game. Now we all know when someone gets dunked on in the NBA, Marv Albert (of course) likes to say 'delivers the facial.' Ibaka is a foreigner here in the U.S., so Eagle was correct.

Some of the dirtier minded variety might giggle each time the term is used in basketball, and some people might not even bat an eye. But Eagle giving it a new twist made it sound even a little weirder. OKC won the game, Eagle won the night.

h/t TheBigLead

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