Serena Williams Shows Off Berlei’s New Reduce The Bounce Bra

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bill-swift - January 17, 2015

Serena Williams took some time out from being a hot shot tennis star to model Berlei's new Reduce The Bounce bra. I guess it's a bra the bounce. Serena could certainly use something to try and hold her massive funbags. They are a thing of beauty and having seen her in person playing tennis I can tell you that they do bounce around quite a bit on the court. I can't imagine it's comfortable. I support anything that helps boobies by better boobies. And if this bra encourages her to model it without a shirt on that's even better. Just look at her stomach, it's out of control. She's got a straight up six pack. That's amazing. She should never wear a shirt again.

She should get her sister Venus in on this not wearing a shirt thing too. It can be their signature thing.

Photo Credit: INF