Selena Weber Yellow Bright and Booty Fine Thong Time

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bill-swift - February 28, 2017

Selena Weber has become a sextastic fixture both on the beach in Miami and in my libido where she constantly prances about in tiny bikinis and smiles at me knowingly. What does she know exactly? I can't say. But I hope it's something to do with how easy I am. I try not to be a fuss really. 

Selena and one of her lovely lass friends took to the beach, Selena in bright yellow thong like some kind of hotness lives here indicator sign. The way her booty bared itself toward the sun in the West was quite visually remarkable. I have found all the wonders of nature I ever need to find within ten feet of any warm weather shoreline. Selena, you are hot and you know it. I find that incredibly alluring. I hope you find it equally as alluring when I beg. Ignore the higher pitches, I tend to get carried away. That body. Feed me! Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet