Selena Weber White Bikini Showoff Time in Miami

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bill-swift - May 1, 2017

Selena Weber is one fine fair haired bedeviling creature in a two piece. It's hard to imagine what she does on days when she's not at the beach showing off her fine female form, but I have to imagine she's writing me love letters that the post office keeps intentionally losing because they're jealous of Selena's feelings for me. Especially the super naughty ones involving swings and blindfolds.

The blonde slender bombshell wore white on the beach to highlight her fairness and passion inducing tingle powers in tiny two piece swimwear pieces. She's forever coming in and out of the water, almost as if she's cooling off while making us that much hotter. Thank goodness for cold showers, made even colder by not paying the utilities bill on time. Selena, please allow me to aloe vera your sun licked shoulders. That damn sun gets all the good licks. I have buckets of green goo ready to go here to ease your burden. I also have a bucket to ease my burden, but I can't discuss until after 10pm when the children are no longer on the Internet. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet