Selena Gomez Uses Tummy, Butt, and Cleavage to Pimp Her Delicious Stank

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bill-swift - June 12, 2012

It's truly hard to imagine a world without celebrity fragrances? Where would we all be?

Yep, we do usually and almost always ridicule the ridiculousness of celebrity stanks, as if the world needed more eau d' famous people or that factory in Utah where they produce all this odorific nonsense needs more licensed-celeb outlets for its cheap blends of chemicals to make teen girls feel like Justin Bieber may just rub them with his clitoral nub if they smell just like a little famous Latina diva. Nay, none of that is necessary.

On the other hand, the new Selena Gomez perfume launch was cause and effect for a public display of Selena skin at Macy's that made us quite ticklish in our own smelly parts. Something so sensual about this young woman, even if she was just quite innocently flashing a bit of butt cheek, her bare midriff, and some pushed up perty pair. We're still not buying her stank, but, oh, we so badly want to sniff her. Enjoy.