Selena Gomez Shows Some Cleavage (and Some Smokes)

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bill-swift - January 25, 2014

My poor belusted Selena Gomez. I have to think the minxy Latin pop star is not quite over The Devil's Midget who is clearly on a bee line for Satan's hometown with his current behavior. The stress has our lovely little brunette picking up smokes, which I must admit took me a while to notice since I was mostly staring at her atypical display of cleavage in public.

I just want to grab Selena and give her a hug and maybe cover her petite female form in honey and tell her everything is going to be fine. Then, we shall make sweet desperate love while we try to forget all of our troubles. Technically, since I'll be making sweet desperate love with Selena Gomez, I will not longer have any troubles, but I'll listen to hers and pretend I understand. Te, amo, Selena. Enjoy.