Selena Gomez Pointy, Pokey, (and Bumpy?) On Set of ‘While I’m Dead’

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

We couldn't help but notice how pokey and pointy our belusted young Latina diva, Selena Gomez, appeared as she exited her makeup trailer on the set of While I'm Dead, Feed the Dog (a film we can find zilch information on at the moment). Now, it's not that we spend each day staring at Selena's chest for signs of boobtastic life, though, yeah, we do, but there seems to be some in the gossip mongering world claiming they see what the delicate ladies in the female celebrity world refer to as a 'baby bump'.

Personally, we don't see it. And as unpleasant a prediction as it was, Egotastic! was first on the net, by many months, to announce the pregnancy of Megan Fox by way of Brian Austin-Green Self-Employed (B.A.G.S.). Perhaps we just can't fathom the depths of despair to consider the father of this potential child, and that the future baby may end up being the spawn of Satan himself. But we've seen more female bodies than even your most experienced of OB/GYNs and we're not ready to press the red panic button quite yet on this one.

For now, just imagining being Selena's future nursing baby is enough for us. Suckling makes everything better. Enjoy.