Selena Gomez Models Her Own Sexy Line Of Tights For Puma

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aldo-vallon - November 30, 2018

Is Puma going for some sort of subliminal messaging by putting Selena Gomez on a literal pedestal? It seems kind of redundant of them since I am assuming most of us are already doing that.

I regret ever putting her up there, because now every woman I meet is having a damned hard time living up to her. It is no small feat to outshine someone like Selena who has accomplished so much. It doesn’t even matter that I will never meet her in my life, I am still determined to wait for her. What alternative do I have? Should really I lower my expectations and get tied down to a mildly less attractive doctor or lawyer? That would be about the same as tapping out in a fight. I can’t have it, and I won’t have it.

I do not care about whichever badboy popstar she is shacked up with now, as far as I am concerned the goods aren’t damaged yet. And until the day comes when I see her post-meth smile, I refuse to admit they ever will. That is what it will take. Meth is the hard pass for me.



Photo Credit: MEGA