Selena Gomez May Be Drinking and Fighting With Justin Bieber at a Tampa Sports Bar

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bill-swift - March 13, 2012

First off, let me say, we could care less that Selena Gomez might have been served booze at a sports bar in the Panhandle this weekend. Quite frankly, when you're making millions and traveling the world and supporting entourages and crew and families with paychecks, you're entitled to a brewski in my book. Heck, Drew Barrymore was doing so at nine and nobody gave a damn. 

But what piques our interest more, even more than just seeing our hot and belusted Selena Gomez candidly rosy in the cheeks, was the rumor that after knocking back a few, Selena chased her lesbian teen midget boyfriend out into the parking lot of the sports bar in some type of altercation. Obviously, we don't fear for Selena's physical safety in this regard. Even at her petite stature she still has 20 lbs of punching power on Justin Bieber, easy, but more just hoping that this argument would finally lead to the breakup we've been praying for for some time now. Probably not, but we still light the candles.

In related but frightening news, we couldn't help but take note of Selena looking hot on the set of Spring Breakers this same weekend, eating pickles. What with the 'could she be pregnant?' scare with Selena we had middle of last year, color us a bit concerned.

And, lest we forget Ashley Benson, who along with her boyfriend, Ryan Goode, the swagger coach for The Devil's Midget, joined in at the sports bar festivities over the weekend. Well, Ashley and Selena both got taken out on a boating trip by the boys during their off-shooting day from Spring Breakers.