Selena Gomez Lingerie Showoff For Love Magazine

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bill-swift - February 10, 2016

We saw a couple of these before, but now behold the set of our belusted Latina all grow'd up diva Selena Gomez in her lingerie mini pictorial for Love magazine. Selena still has so much more to give the world of the sextastic, barely started out on her journey, but already Selena covered in just a sheet or in a bra is alluring to the point of me wanting to crawl through the screen and tell her she doesn't need any clothes at all to be my girlfriend.

Love magazine has become the go-to outlet for A-list hotties to bare their wares in a cutesy fashion. Cutesy means acceptable to the female viewing folk. Us gentleman oglers know what Selena Gomez in her underwear means when we see it. So cute you need to turn the lights down and crank up the romantic music and lock the door for twenty minutes. Selena, you're growing up into a wonderful woman. Now, if w could expedite that much faster into raw exhibitionism, I do have other appointments. Te amo, Selena. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Love Magazine

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