Selena Gomez Leopard Skin Cleavetastic in Full Promotional Shoot for Spring Breakers

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bill-swift - September 11, 2012

We gushed (that's a combo of lusted and drooled) over the site of Selena Gomez late last Friday night in her Toronto International Film Festival photocall for Spring Breakers, in her low cut leopard top flashing her pumped up boobtastic cleavage. I say 'we gushed', but more personally speaking, I was pretty much a spastic mess upon the floor seeing my belusted Latina diva showing so much chestal region, and, now, more more more in this full set of promotional photos for Spring Breakers of Selena in the same outfit, daring you to join her in the jungle of hot humid passion.

Meanwhile, back in L.A, somebody stole the license plates off of Selena's teen lezzie boyfriend's Fisker Karma, rendering the Boy Blunder without a ride for the weekend. Now, who would've done such a dastardly deed?  Enjoy.