Selena Gomez Leaving Hot Pilates Class

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aldo-vallon - December 21, 2017

   I have been on this earth for a number of years now and I still do not have a clue what Pilates is. I know that it is a physical activity. I do not know if men are allowed to partake in it. And I do not know if I should be capitalizing the word hot in the title. I do not know if the class is like hot yoga, or if it is describing the class as being popular.

Maybe the class is hot because there are a bunch of women in it that look like Selena Gomez wearing leggings. If that is the case then I do hope men are allowed in, although that would mean my wallet is going to be taking another hard hit. I don't even know the proper pronunciation of the word Pilates, but it is spelled like something that is going to cost three figures a month. Some would call that a small price to pay for the view they'll be getting, but I think I would prefer window shopping outside instead. A quick google search would have to come up with a few eligible spots. (Not that I'm advocating such a hobby.)  



Photo Credit: Splash News 

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