Selena Gomez in Costume, Like Watching Our Fantasies Come to Life

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bill-swift - August 15, 2012

Have we ever imagined our object d' lust Selena Gomez in costume before? Well, just Meter Maid, Cowgirl, Kitty Cat, Dominatrix, Secretary, Furry Alien, Desperate Call Girl, Naughty Schoolgirl, No-Nonsense Nurse, Pea Hen (I know, weird right), Princess in the Tower, Lost Dog, Female Lesbian Golfer (redundant), Bar Maid with a Weakness for Unshaven Men, Indian Tantric Teacher, Sorceress, and Women's Prison Guard. But that was just last night.

On the set of the film Parental Guidance (which just by its name sounds like something we will not be seeing), our sultry little Selena Gomez hottie was in costume for her kissing scene with some teen boy Lothario, who we would consider offing if we could step into his role for but one kiss (and/or grope and twenty minutes alone in Selena's trailer discussing the finer points of the reproductive arts).

Do you see what your little costumes and those surprisingly long legs do to us, Selena?