Selena Gomez Hot Legs and Panties Peek at St. Tropez Gala

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bill-swift - July 25, 2014

Leonardo Dicaprio launched his new wildlife foundation with a bang, that bang coming mostly from Selena Gomez showing up looking like a million damn dollars to his St. Tropez gala. Selena has been in the news aplenty of late. Bikinis, lesbionic scandals, Bieber umpteenth breakups. But through it all, I like to keep in mind that Selena Gomez will always be my little Latina diva hottie.

If I needed any reminder of that, I need only look at those super toned legs whose length seems to defy her very height. Not to mention a peek at her panties in a very grown up dress as she moved from yacht to party like a true A-list movie star. You know this talk of her Sapphic leanings only makes me want her more. That's how I roll. Selena, please come to my place in that high slit dress and we shall roll together. Enjoy.