Selena Gomez Has a Lesbionic Crush In ‘Bad Liar’ (VIDEO)

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earl-jonas - June 15, 2017


The world never tires of looking at the stunning Selena Gomez, and she's definitely in on the secret as she plays all of the main characters in her brand new music video for Bad Lair. Think The Nutty Professor. Except, The Bust A Nutty Professor.

The best part of the video is that Gomez's main character - a timid high schooler not understood by her classmates - is hot for her hot female gym coach, also portrayed by Gomez. Gomez on Gomez. That, we'd like to see.

At the end of the video, Gomez's 70's-inspired schoolgirl dances around her room in a nightgown before embracing a Polaroid picture of her coach. AKA Selena. You'll love Gomez almost as much as she loves herself after checking out the new video for Bad Liar above. 

Photo Credit: YouTube