Selena Gomez Getting All Grown Up for Teen Vogue

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bill-swift - November 22, 2013

Some may still see Selena Gomezas the teen Disney starlet. I see (and lust and yearn for) Selena Gomez as the 21-year old getting all grown up but quickly young woman who is getting more and more sextastic by the day. I suppose it started with her turn in Spring Breakers, despite playing the innocent one in the film, she sure did bare a lot of skin.

And the progression just keeps on progressing to the point now that even appearing in the G-rated Teen Vogue magazine, Selena is going to be showing off some cleavage as part of her mature persona. I like it. I love it actually, and I simply can't wait to see what happens in 2014 with our belusted Latina diva. Enjoy.