Selena Gomez Extra Low Cut Neckline Begging For A Nip Slip

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aldo-vallon - July 26, 2018

Why is it that when I need to carry a bag strap on my shoulder it takes all of my concentration and two hands to keep it up there, but when Selena wears a top that simply rests on the edges of her shoulders the fabric turns into a freaking spider?

There is no fairness in this world, and I think Selena knows that. She has that smug smile on her face here, letting you know that she knows the secret to gravity defying fabric, but she is not going to tell you. That sort of knowledge is only meant for the Hollywood Illuminati. I am not sure if I am supposed to capitalize Illuminati, but out of fear of insulting them I am going to do it anyway.

I just do not get it. What is the point of blasting my shoulders at the gym if they are going to remain so puny that they cannot keep a strap in place? Maybe I just need to buy myself one of those shirts under the guise of buying it for a girl, but then I will convert it into a backpack, or at least the Korean seamstress on my corner will.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA