Selena Gomez En Fuego Jetset Midriff

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bill-swift - June 5, 2017

You might just walk through an airport. Not so the sextastic Selena Gomez who has the eyes of the ogling gentleman world upon her at every points of embarkation. You want to know where Selena is going to be at any given time of the day so you can absorb her lady heat.

Selena made her way in bare midriff black through LAX determined to act like she was nothing to stare at while knowing darn well she's more than something to leer at. The cameras can't stop. Nor the eyeballs. Or other anatomically autonomous systems. Selena, you're my belusted. Now that you're all dolled up and sensing your own sextastic power, you're only gaining in sizzle. Who gets to wax your belly and why is it not me? Don't answer now. Wait for my crayon note to arrive. It explains it all. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News