Selena Gomez Cute Hot and Showing Off for Dream Out Loud

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bill-swift - July 10, 2014

Selena Gomez is making bank on more than just her music. She's got a clothing line I guess based on one of her albums or something at K-Mart called Dream Out Loud. If Selena only knew how I do just that while REM sleep running images of her through my mind.

Selena doesn't just take a piece of the clothing sales, she models them herself, showing off her little minxy body in her clothes for young women. I'm not a young woman, though, you know, I wish. But I'm assuming Selena is a pretty strong influencer of their style choices so I assume she'll make a bundle on this whole fashion line. I only hope she uses some of that money to continue treatment to get over the Devil's Midget she just can't seem to shake. It's the only thing keeping Selena from being my one true love, my te amo, at least for one night. Enjoy.

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