Selena Gomez Blocks Her Beaver, Err, Bieber, From Any Communication or Contact

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bill-swift - November 16, 2012

Smart girl. Once you get the devil out of your home, you've got to bar the doors and windows and make sure he doesn't weasel his way back into your home, or, worse, your lady parts.

According to our breaking news friends at TMZ, Selena Gomez has put a total blockade on all attempts by Justin Bieber to reach her via phone or text or email or even have someone write her an apology song he can lip synch on stage to apologize for his reported infidelities and the subsequent breakup.

And while we most definitely approve of Selena's communication wall, wouldn't it be easier if the Devil's Midget were somehow to fall arms bounds into a pool that was at least 5'4" deep?