Selena Gomez Bikini Tiger Hotness in Miami Poolside Adventure

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bill-swift - October 30, 2013

Te amo, Selena Gomez. It's time for one of the only-a-few-times-a-year peek at the ever growing up Selena Gomez bikini body. Our belusted Latina pop diva stripped down to a tiger striped two piece in Miami, with the full knowledge that the cameras of the ogling world would be upon her. She cared not. Or, she cared and she worked it just perfectly. Selena is pretty damn hot and she knows it. Personally, I find that pretty sexy. I'm guessing about ten million of you feel the same way (you know, except for Negative Ned, he'll find a reason to complain).

Wow, these may actually be my favorite Selena Gomez bikini pictures yet. Sure, there were a couple good ones from back when she was dating The Devil's Midget, but he ruined everything, and also some amazing pics of Selena from Spring Breakers. But this is clean, pure, minxy, sextastic Selena. Mucho happiness emanating from all pores at the moment. At least, it smells like happiness. Enjoy.