Selena Gomez Bare Midriff and Cleavy Top Goodness in Hollywood

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bill-swift - June 13, 2014

Oh, Selena Gomez, you are just killing me now. I know your stupid ex-boyfriend is pining for  you online,  but you must resist the call of the Devil's Midget. Just look at you, growing up into a little minxy woman with your Latina allure and and tummy and cleavy top like a beacon of the sextastic on the shopping streets of Hollywood. Any man would be more than lucky to be your love interest. I should be so lucky, as I am in my dreams several times a night, holding your sweat towel offstage during your concert performances.

For every passion inducing hottie out there, there is some loser ex-boyfriend lurking somewhere in the shadows. It's simply a rule of nature. I'm prepared to deal with that, Selena. Let us join our bodies and ridicule your diminutive fop together as we make sweet love and forget about our pasts. Just one idea, I have more. Enjoy.