See Victoria Secret Angel Lais Ribeiro’s Ornamental Christmas Cleavage

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aldo-vallon - December 30, 2018

Christmas is the only time of year when it becomes socially acceptable for a person to put a lampshade on top of their head and act like nothing is out of the ordinary. Granted, that is usually only done at the office Christmas party after everyone has gotten hammered. Lais Ribeiro does not look like she is anywhere near an office party—I question whether she has ever held an office job—but she is in the desert, and those are known to be drinking destinations. Considering that, it seems as though Lais might be meeting at least on requirement for the acceptable wearing of a lampshade.

This does bring up another question, though. Where did Lais find a lampshade all of the way out in the desert? Did some hippie leave it behind after Burning Man, or did she bring it with her?

If the answer is the former then I accept it. Not only is she being environmentally conscious, but she is also keeping in the spirit of the occasion. If she brought it with her, however, that denotes premeditation and I cannot approve of it. Lampshade wearing needs to be as spontaneous as a bad pregnancy, not as planned as a good pregnancy.



Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA