See Scantily-Clad Raiders Fan Josephine Skriver

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earl-jonas - October 1, 2018


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Raiders of the Last Aardvark would be a great name for a documentary about the life of the last living aardvark. This doesn't have much to do with this sextastic gallery of Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver modeling the hell out of some strategically naughty Raiders gear, but if ever the day comes that we only have one aardvark left, I urge one of you to make this important film.

But again, we're not here to talk about aardvarks, and instead will be ogling the almost impossibly gorgeous Skriver. She's a die-hard Raiders fan, and in celebration of the Raiders major win against the Browns, we'll be checking out her sexiest shots in her football gear. There's something super hot about a woman who's into sports, and Skriver seems like the kind of girl who knows a lot about scoring. Needless to say, these pics will make you a hardvark.

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