See How ‘Venom’s Biggest Stunt Sequence Came to Life in New Featurette (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 21, 2018


Next month's Venom looks like a mess of visual effects all kind of compensating for what could potentially be a rather rote story about an anti-hero who earns our empathy because he's got a baby daughter. However, the team behind the movie is working hard to show that the effects in the film weren't all created in a computer.

This new video from IGN shows the stunt team coordinating a big motorcycle and car chase from the film...

Spiro Razatos, Venom’s second unit director, told IGN, “This is the first time that Eddie finds out he has Venom in him. Obviously, he’s freaking out. He’s got drones that are blowing up all around him, he’s got SUVs that are trying to kill him, and he’s got Venom inside of him. So he’s trying to deal with this while he’s going at eighty miles an hour on a motorcycle through the traffic of San Francisco.”

Even though they show me Tom Hardy in a harness hovering above his motorcycle, the finished footage still looks like a cartoon. I know they've still got some time before the movie's in theaters, but those effects don't look finished.

Adding the Eminem song might help, though. Venom opens in theaters everywhere on October 5.