Secret Hairbrush Flask: Be Spiffy, Booze Up

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bill-swift - September 7, 2013

Girls might have a better excuse to carry a hairbrush around, so you're going to have to come up with some good excuses as to why you've stuffed one in your pocket. Time to grow your hair or a beard, maybe? But that's all for the sake of illusion though. That's because this unique brush of sorts--aptly called the Secret Hairbrush Flask--is more than just a hairbrush, as its name implies.

The bottom unscrews so you can fill the brush-slash-flask up with 6 ounces of your drink of choice. You can even use the flask as an actual hairbrush, in case you've got the hair for it. Once it's all filled up, just stow it away in your pocket and bring it out when you're thirsty.

You might raise some suspicion if you're bald or have extremely short hair. But hey, you can always say you're carrying it for your girlfriend. Who happens to be in the bathroom. And likes staying there. For extended periods of time.

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